Welcome to GB Guitars

Custom made guitars by Bernie Goodfellow

GB Guitars is an independent guitar maker located in Brighton, UK run by world class luthier Bernie Goodfellow (above). In an age of CNC routers and offshore manufacturing, we pride ourselves in manufacturing guitars in the traditional style - completely by hand, here in the UK.

...and when we say completely by hand, we mean completely by hand, right down to the hand soldering of our own in-house pre-amps and electronics systems and hand cutting the leather pads under the strap buttons.

Through years of research, development and refinement, we believe that we have the most advanced traditional bass guitar on the market. Whether you want an exotic wood masterpiece or a more traditional paint finish we will create your dream bass.

Our unrivaled electronics give you the option of adding these useful tools, not gimmicks, that no other builder does:- the GB "G-Spot", built-in tuner and the GB "Kick-Drum", built-in metronome.