GB Merlin

"With the growing popularity of the single cut bass guitar, it became time for GB Guitars to put their stamp on the market. With a balanced and elegant shape, with incredible access and neck stability, the Merlin © offers the incredible GB Guitars sound and playability in a single cut design."  - Bernie Goodfellow

The GB Merlin is a superbly comfortable instrument to play. The slim elegant contours will tell you that you're not carrying any excess baggage, which is important for comfort, control and playability whether you are playing 4, 5 or 6 strings.

The Swamp Ash or Alder body can be finished in just about any colour of your choice. Or if natural timber is your preference.


The Merlin has a 5 piece laminated thru-neck, when combined with the single cut design offers increased resonance, stability and strength. Like the Rumour, a 35 inch scale string length on the 5 and 6 string versions increase string tension for a tight response from the bottom B. A removable dual-action truss-rod is fitted as standard with Rosewood, Maple or Ebony fingerboards. All Merlin basses are available with a choice of Hipshot A Style or Schaller M2000 bridges with Schaller strap buttons and Schaller M4 machine heads; which can be fitted with hand made Rosewood or Macassar Ebony tuning pegs for improved comfort, playability and aesthetic appeal. The results are stunning!


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