Bernie Goodfellow Classic

"To show how close you can be to your ultimate bass, I distilled some of the best elements of the Merlin, the Rumour and the Spitfire to create our newest version; the Classic; I think this may well be my new personal favourite" - Bernie Goodfellow


 There comes a time when you pause to take stock of what you do.


Sure the Merlin, Rumour and Spitfire are great instruments, and they each have their unique specifications and signature, but inevitably the bespoke nature of each and every instrument means that the boundaries that separate one instrument from another can, and do, blur. You want a Spitfire with a thru neck? You got it! You want a Rumour with the neck profile of a early Fender Precision? You got it! You want a Merlin made out balsa wood? Well, no, that would be plain crazy, but these things that may seem trivial are the very essence of a custom made bass, and as long as the wood is legally and sustainably sourced, there are few barriers to having your heart's desire fulfilled.


The Classic model represents in many ways a "greatest hits" package distilled from all the basses that have come before, It has the Thru neck of the Rumour and the Merlin, the body shape of a Spitfire, with some Rumour shaping elements, it has the matching pickup covers of the Merlin, and a Merlin headstock. And as always it had out custom made pickups and class leading active circuitry.